Sparkle Child

The Mini's

When the eldest sparkle lost her first tooth we designed the perfect tooth fairy pouch that day so that she could keep the tooth safe that night. She whispers sparkly designs in her sleep and I am there to capture them.

The middle sparkler wears a cape and a mask. He is our original BOOM Super Hero.  

The smallest is nothing but a happy little giggler and so we named him Ziggy. He is in charge of the stars.

The Magic

Our designs respond to the wonders and magic of childhood. We are inspired by play and make believe and feel strongly that all children should be allowed to day dream and dance through the day light as a feather.

Everything that we do is handcrafted and wrapped up like it's the most precious special gift that will ever be received.  Not a single item leaves our studio without it being carefully made and packaged by us.  There is nothing wrong with AMAZON, but we are not that. We are small, we are independent, and we treasure each and every order.

The Mighty

We make sparkles for real people, real children, with real stories, and so we are very proud to support a number of fantastic charities that we believe are doing great work.

Because of our own personal experience we are particularly proud to support Great Ormond Street Hospital Children's Charity and regularly run events in support of this charity.  If you would like to know more about the charity or to donate please visit