Sparkle Child

Meet the Sparkle Team


Sofia de Rossi

SparkleMaker, Shaker and Music Director

Favourite Sparkle Piece?

I love making the Love Clouds with the rainbow hearts. I could sit for hours and stick the sparkly little hearts on these. I also really like the magic wands because the boxes are gorgeous to wrap and I can wrap them quicker than Kristal so that’s always a bonus!

Top Tune to Sparkle too?

Oh, Beyonce everytime. Something that picks up the beat and makes us both dance. This never fails to get us both moving. When Kristal goes on the school run I turn the volume down and secretly get my dose of Mamma Mia.

Best thing about working with Kristal?

Being part of the Sparkle Family. It’s a special thing. We work closely with one another, share ideas, stories, laugh together and never cry. We have so much fun and I think that’s such a great thing to have at work.


Rachel Gale

Sparkle Illustrator, Packaging Designer and Bear Hugger


Kristal Bayliss

Founder, SparkleArtist and Mothership

Favourite Sparkle Piece?

I love creating the monthly collectables. Each month we give ourselves a design challenge and we never really know where the inspiration for the piece will come from that month and so it’s quite exciting waiting to see what ‘pings’ in our imaginations. My favourite collectable so far is undoubtedly the Goddess.

Top Tune to Sparkle too?

Before Sofia arrives for work I go through Fleetwood Mac, Kylie, David Bowie, and then I find myself singing along to 7 Rings by Ariana Grande at the top of my voice before Sofia turns up and I have to tone it down a little bit or I’ll hurt her ears!

Best thing about working with Sofia?

She brings me chocolate after the post office run, and no one else in my life has ever bought me chocolate. Not like fancy chocolate either, just the stuff that I need and exactly when I need it. That and she’s totally gorgeous, full of sparkle, an absolute joy and she keeps me on my toes.


Rachel brings our visions to life in colour and swirly writing. She is responsible for the beautiful packaging, our little gift cards and the occasional collaboration product. Together we have created Christmas cards, art prints and enamel pins as well as a lot of good sparkly times.

Inside the Sparkle Studio

We work from the Sparkle Studio which is based in Kristal’s house. The studio was once the kids playroom and now it is the place where all sparkly creations happen. Every item is handcrafted by us, packaged and taken to the post office each day. The studio is full swing during school hours each day. Things get a little quieter during the school holidays and after hours but mostly one of us is always here to answer your questions and pick up your orders.

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