Sparkle Child

We are beautiful together..


Honey and Toast

Emma is the founder and designer of the exquisit bags and leather goods company Honey & Toast.  We were instantly drawn to the beautiful designs and playfulness and knew we'd be beautiful together.  Together we launch a limited edition cat bag every year which you can buy directly from here or from Honey and Toast.


Meringue Girls

Possibly the most delicious, sweetest, and awesome 'girl gang' in East London, this team of incredible women are taking the world by storm with their yummy and beautiful meringues and treats.  Naturally we were delighted when we hooked up to create clouds in bespoke colours for their pop-up displays as well as a special and totally unique cloud just for them.

We worked together matching sparkle and rainbow colours to come up with a brand new cloud that matched the colours of the rainbow meringue kisses.  This one off cloud is only available through the the Meringue Girls website, and you never know you might get a yummy (meringue) kiss from them in the process.


Rachel Gale

Rachel is Sparkle Child's wonderful illustrator who's work is characterful, vibrant and fun. Rachel has a beautiful range of unique, ethically made, eco-friendly babywear and when she is not producing beautiful drawings and the like for us she is working on drawing some of the greatest looking houses we ever saw.


The more the merrier. If you'd like to talk through an idea for a collaboration please drop us a line.

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